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Dissection is the pathological condition caused by a rupture in the internal layer of the artery, allowing the blood to flow between the internal and media layers. The arteries have well defined layers like an Onion and the rupture of the internal layer allows the flow to advance between the 2 layers. This flow narrows the vessel lumen making it difficult to nurture the healthy tissues.

In contrast imaging we are able to identify two different lumens characteristic of this condition.  

Risk factors to this condition are Atherosclerosis, smoking, Hypertension and diseases of the collagen like Marfan syndrome.

The clinical manifestations varies but mostly manifests as a sudden chest pain and variable symptoms consequent to branches flow privation.

The surgical correction might be indicated when the flow privation occurs. The targets of the approach are the closure of the inlet tear, revascularization of the ischemic organs and replacing the damaged artery by a prosthesis. 

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