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The varicose veins are superficial dilated and tortuous veins that occur in patients with Chronic Venous Insufficiency.

They occur in the inferior limbs and can be classified into primary os secondary.

The primary varicose veins are consequent to a frailty of the venous wall that cannot handle the pressure imposed by the blood. The veins dilate and become tortuous.

The secondary varicose veins are consequent to an outflow deficit due to proximal stenosis or occlusions. The most frequent causes are the Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT) and the Iliac Veins Stenosis.

In those cases, despite the integrity of the venous wall, the vessel is submitted to a pressure overload beyond its capacity, getting enlarged and elongated (tortuous).

Anyway the varicose vein itself may cause or increase the venous disease by adding symptoms and severity to the disease.

In symptomatic patients, when primary causes are treated, the symptoms downsize in up to 80% of the patients.

To the patients without a primary cause or with persistence or residual symptoms after treating the root cause, the varicose veins surgery by means of different techniques is indicated.

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